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MacSSH is a Macintosh open-source Telnet Terminal emulation application with SSH2 protocol support released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
SSH2 - version 2 of the Secure Shell protocols - lets you connect to a remote computer through a strongly encrypted and authenticated TCP/IP connection.

Based on BetterTelnet, Copyright © 1997-1998 Rolf Braun
Based on lsh, Copyright © 2000 Niels Möller
Based on GUSI, Copyright © 1992-2000 Matthias Neeracher

Version 2.1fc3 is now available. see the ChangeLog for modifications.

MacSSH has received the 5 lock
award from SecureMac

MacSSH source code is available via SourceForge
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 - DEC VT100, VT220, ANSI and Linux Terminal emulations
 - SSH2 protocol support
 - Local and Remote Port Forwarding support
 - Key exchange: Diffie-Hellman group-exchange protocol & Diffie-Hellman group1-sha1
 - Key types: ssh-rsa, ssh-dss
 - Key pairs generation: SSH2 DSA & RSA.
 - Strict host key checking
 - SSH2 ciphers: 3DES, Blowfish, CAST128, Arcfour, AES (128, 192, 256)
 - Supported macs: md5, md5-96, sha1, sha1-96, ripemd160
 - AppleScript support

System Requirements:

 - a Macintosh running System 7.5.1 or higher, 32MB Ram.


MacSSH is Copyright © 2000-2002 Jean-Pierre Stierlin. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the file COPYING for details.


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. The entire risk of operation this program, as well as the risk of quality and performance, resides solely with you! In no event will any of the program authors be liable for any damage caused by the operation, or non-operation, of this program!

From Niels original docs:

lsh is written by Niels Möller, and distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (see the file COPYING for details). Several parts of lsh, in particular tcpforwarding, public-key user authentication, and the lsh_proxy program, were contributed by Balázs Scheidler.

Many other people have written free code which is used in lsh.

Gotta thank the RLM for their financial support, visit them at SEO Cincinnati.

implementation by Ruud de Rooij. Released under the LGPL.
implementation from Werner Koch's and FSF's GNU Privacy Guard.Released under the GPL.
implementation by Steve Reid. Released into the public domain.
implementation by Dana L. How. Released under the LGPL.
the GNU multiple precision arithmetic library, was written by Torbjörn Granlund and many contributors. It is not actually included in lsh, but it is needed for all public key computations. GMP is released under the LPGL.
implementation by Colin Plumb, somewhat hacked by Andrew Kuchling.Released into the public domain.
implementation by Rafael Sevilla. Released under the LGPL.
implementation by Peter Gutmann, somewhat hacked by Andrew Kuchling. Released into the public domain.
implementation by Ross Anderson, Eli Biham, and Lars Knudsen, somewhat hacked by Rafael Sevilla. Released under the GPL.
networking code by Thomas Bellman. Released into the public domain.
emulation code (for systems that have select(), but not poll()) written by Sean Reifschneider, released for unlimited use.
parsing code has some parts in common with Ron Rivest's parser. Distributed under the GPL with permission.
argp and getopt option parsing from the the GNU C library, released under the LGPL.